Patti Smith continued to write memoirs

Singer Patti Smith wrote a new book of memoirs. download legal mp3 music This was she herself said in an interview Billboard. Her first book of memoirs, "Just kids," came out in 2010, has won a lot of praise critics, became a bestseller and won the prestigious American literary prize National Book Awards. In 2011, it was published in Russian.

The new book, according to Smith, аккумуляторы для ноутбуков is similar to the "Just kids," and even to describe the events of about the same period - 1960-70's. However, if the first memories focused largely on its relationship with the bohemian New York photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, юридические услуги the continuation will be more about the family, and the late MC5 guitarist husband Frederick Smith, as well as about music.

"I have no special белые семечки stories about sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll - said the 65-year-old Smith. - But maybe I have a story better: thanks to rock-and-roll, I have traveled the world, worked with her late brother, Todd, and finally met with Fred. It changed my life, and I have a story to tell. "

Along with the book, Smith continues to perform with the material carre Noir of his latest album "Banga" (2012) and carry on the world the photo exhibit "Patti Smith: Solo Camera". Also in 2013, to be held premiere track "I Ain't Got Nobody", standard Spencer Williams in 1915, which Smith re-recorded for the series "The Underground Empire"