ESRU Survival Guide (Stéphane Larré 3-Sept 2006)

ESRU Survival Guide

Stéphane Larré 3-Sept 2006
Chairman of ESRU

What should NCOs do ?
What should the secretary do ?
What should the treasurer do ?
What should the Internet Officer do ?
What should the database manager do ?
What should the EUSP delegate do ?
What should the Project Manager do ?
What should the chairman elect do ?
What should the Past Chairman do ?
What should the Chairman do ?

When I arrived as the National Communication Officer of France, almost 3 years ago, I had the very bad feeling not to be useful at all. It took me quite a long time to learn how the system works and I then thought that there were things to do to improve this. I learnt a lot during that time, especially about teamwork and communication.
I believe that the ESRU will become more efficient if everybody knows better what he/she is supposed to do. I do not forget that residents, who participate in the ESRU as NCOs, are doing this on their free time and that being away for ESRU meetings might cause problems with their Head of department and their colleagues. This might also cause problems in family life - especially as residents in general spend a lot of time at the hospital. Therefore I wrote this survival guide to help NCOs to know how to do well when they start, so that they might also save time further on. I hope it will be a help for all future new NCOs.
I would also like to thank you all for your nice and enthusiastic participation in the construction of a network for European residents in urology and I guess that hence forth ESRU will rise higher and higher for the benefit of European urology.

What should the NCOs do?
1. When you are elected in your country you should write to the executive committee of the ERSU and give them your name, country, address, telephone numbers, skype login (see below), e-mail (yahoo e-mail is the easiest), the name of the NCO you replace, and how long you will stay the NCO of your country (if known). Always update this data if it changes. Also tell which year you started your residency and which year you plan to finish it.
2. Come to the two annual meetings. One meeting is held during the EAU meeting each spring (usually in March), and the other is held during the EUREP course in September in Prague. Hotel is paid by ESRU. Your journey has to be paid by your national association of residents or your senior urological association. You should ask them to help you. Normally there are two NCOs from each country. At least one of the NCOs should be present at each meeting. This is very important, so please tell the executive committee if you have problems coming. We may help you solve your problems. When the date of a meeting is announced, always tell the secretary when you are sure to be able to come.
3. Update your national webpage every year and send your photo to the internet officer
4. Update the database of residents in your country every year and share it with the ESRU and the EAU. This is the only way for residents in your country to become members of the ESRU! Single persons are not accepted as members. Through this your residents will receive interesting information and also the Journal of Endourology (thanks to Stortz). The database should be created using a template database that will be provided by the database manager.
5. Create a yahoo address and adhere to the ESRU yahoogroup using the website. It is the best way for communication with the other NCOs.
6. Download and install SKYPE ( It is a phone software you can use to phone from one computer to another using internet (it is free). Send your SKYPE login on the yahoo group and to the secretary and the webmaster in order for everybody to be able to reach you.
7. Write and send articles for the European Urology Today (EUT) if you wish to communicate interesting things concerning training of residents in Europe.
8. Join the EAU by becoming a combined ESRU/EAU member. This way you will get even more information and other benefits. Explain to the other residents of your country the advantages of becoming a combined ESRU/EAU member and encourage them to participate in the EUSP programs.
9. Answer your emails concerning the ESRU as soon has possible, at least in less than a week. If your answer needs more time than you have, please inform your correspondent when you will be able to give him an answer, but NEVER STAY SILENT !!!
10. Submit the information concerning the ESRU to the other residents of your country so that they can see that Europe is something real for them and that there are advantages for them. Involve your residents in our projects.
11. Participate in projects that will be fruitful for all residents in Europe, and discuss them on the yahoogroup with others. Be a volunteer to participate in the organization for the ESRU day during the EAU congress, or for other responsibilities that you could hold in ESRU.
12. Create a national association of residents in urology of your country if it does not exist, create a national web site for your association of residents and ask for help from the ESRU if you can not do it on your own.

What should the secretary do ?
1. Collect the information of the NCOs and send it to the database manager
2. Find new NCOs (by contacting the chairmen of each national association)
3. Update this list at each meeting using a preformed sheet
4. Contact countries that are not (or poorly) responding
5. Write a report after each meeting (at least in the week following the meeting)
6. Organize the meetings. Dates should be sent to the yahoo group at least 3 months prior to the meetings.

What should the treasurer do?
1. Proceed quickly with reimbursements
2. Manage money income from the EAU and the pharmaceutical companies
3. Write an annual report every year for the EAU and for the next budget

What should the Internet Officer do?
1. Collect updated information from each country every year for the national webpages for the web site.
2. Collect photos from each NCO for the web site.
3. Collect reports from the EUSP representative and reports from residents that used EUSP grants for the website (in conjunction with the EUT section editor)
4. Update the data at each meeting with a preformed sheet
5. Collect articles that were sent to the EUT from the Resident Editor for the website
6. Update the yahoogroup so that all the NCOs are present and the NCOs only. The updated list will be given by the secretary (this could also be done by the secretary)
7. Collect the meeting reports and put them on the yahoogroup website
8. Collect the updated list of NCOs and put it on the yahoogroup website so that everybody could modify his/her data if needed.
9. Make a report for each board meeting of the ESRU(twice yearly)

What should the database manager do?
1. Collect the database from each country and mix them in one unique excel file
2. Make an analysis of the data from the database, in conjunction with the EAU/ESRU database
3. Send this file to the Resident’s Office of the EAU
4. Update the database of the NCOs with the information given by the secretary
5. Make a report at each board meeting of the ESRU (twice yearly)

What should the EUSP delegate do?
1. Make a report for each EUSP meeting
2. Update the EUSP internet page by providing advises and reports of Scholarship programs
3. Help residents who ask to apply for grants
4. Make a report at each board meeting of the ESRU (twice yearly)

What should the Project Manager do?
1. Transform the ideas into real results and keep the projects living
2. Report the projects at each board meeting of the ESRU (twice yearly)

What should the Chairman Elect do?
1. Be the section editor of EUT, and thereby collect articles
2. Be a representative of the ESRU at the EBU and the Resident’s Office in the EAU
3. Help other delegates to be efficient in their tasks
4. Make a report at each board meeting of the ESRU (twice yearly)

What should the Past Chairman do?
1. Write the story of ESRU (concerning his/her period)
2. Help other delegates to be efficient in their tasks

What should the Chairman do?
1. Be a representative of the ESRU at the EBU and the Resident’s Office in the EAU
2. Help other delegates to be efficient in their tasks
3. Make sure everything is working fine by having cocktails at the swimming pool and by telling others how to do what they are supposed to do 